Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Exercise: Week 6

Syntactical Guidelines in Journalistic Story Packaging

The Not Just A Number site, by the Bay Area News Group, demonstrates a good use of the "stress" syntactical guideline because it uses "art" in the right places to draw attention, emphasis and interest to certain elements of the story package.

The Being a Black Man site, a product of Washington Post doesn't make a significant enough distinction between the positive and negative in its use of dark tones. The interface and layout in general is almost mono-toned, making an emphasis on active and passive element of the design hard to pick out.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blog Exercise: Week 5

Fine and Applied Art

Photograph of painting by Kehinde Wiley

Functionality: the photograph/painting uses contradictions in it—black men in urban clothing painted in a scenery and with postures that they wouldn't normally be associated with. Bucks stereotypes.

Aesthetic beauty: the feathering, the use of small details, like the blue bird, present an aesthetic beauty in contrast with the subject in street clothing.

Communication: the photo/painting communicates how things/people can be perceived differently when taken out of their natural setting.

Decorative and Entertainment value: the photo/painting is decorative because of the pattering, feathering. The entertainment value is the contradiction or unusual subject in the scenery.